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Are You A Bonafide ​HBCU Ally?

Charter a Club 1964, Inc. at your Middle School, High School, HBCU, or in your Community, to advocate for HBCUs in your own way. Our institutions need all the help they can get -- and starting a Club 1964, Inc. Chapter is the perfect way to join in on the race to save our HBCUs.

"Our Doors Shall Remain Open... For All Tomorrows To Come"



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Club 1964, Inc. is currently only accepting

Chapter Charter Admission Applications for our

HBCU Keyholders Collegiate Division.

To Charter-A-Chapter at your HBCU, click "Admission Process."

Anyone interested in starting a chapter at their 

Middle School, High School, or in their Community should e-mail their resume to




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Club 1964, Inc. HBCU Chapters

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