With in-person conferences and recruitment events canceled, HBCUs have limited opportunities to recruit students and network with their constituents. In comes, Hillman Talks! We created this virtual panel series as a means to get the word out about HBCUs beyond simply recruiting but shedding light on how HBCUs really connect to the world and the issues we are currently experiencing. To date, we've had two discussions that have reached more than 12,000 people on social media. We look forward to continuing these timely discussions in the future. 


This initial discussion explored the reasons why high school students, particularly rising and graduating seniors, should consider attending an HBCU despite the Global Pandemic. Our speakers were recent HBCU graduates and they each discussed the value they received from their HBCU Experience and how it prepared for post-college life.

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Our second discussion examined the role of HBCUs and the Black Church in the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Our speakers were HBCU graduates who have either graduated from seminary or are currently in seminary. Each speaker also spoke about how their HBCU prepared them for graduate studies, seminary, and post-college life.